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Roundtable Blog
Purposeful, Responsible, and Open Smart Cities

Note: This article originally appeared as a MetroLab Network guest post in Data-Smart Cities Solutions. You can find the original posting and more information about the Data-Smart Cities Solutions here. We are in the early days of smart cities which fuse the physical and the digital realms,...

Ben giving keynote remarks at BARI's event. Photo credit: @BARIboston
Ben Levine: A City-University Partnership Upon a Hill

I had the pleasure of visiting Boston and participating in the Boston Area Research Initiative’s (BARI) recent conference Data-Driven Research, Policy, & Practice: Lessons from Boston, for Boston. It’s no secret that Boston’s terrific universities have been a major factor in driving economic growth in...

UDP File
Martin O’Malley: Houston Leads the Way with its Urban Data Platform

  Today's mayors understand that getting things done and making progress requires a "common platform" -- a map that allows citizens, city employees, and the mayor see whether what we are doing together is working or not. I recently had the privilege of visiting Houston and Rice...

Social innovation
Rodolfo Scannone: Boston and Pittsburgh Partner on Student Trek

Earlier this year myself and a team of graduate students from Carnegie Mellon visited Boston in an immersive trek to kick-off our Social Innovation Fellowship. We met with academic, government, and social entrepreneurs to learn about the variety of ways that the City of Boston,...

Bowman Creek
Bowman Creek Education Ecosystem – Q&A with Alicia Czarnecki

In July 2016, Alicia Czarnecki, University of Notre Dame student and Team Leader of Bowman Creek Educational System, shared with MetroLab Staff her experiences working with the community in developing smart green infrastructure.  Tell us about the Bowman Creek Education Ecosystem? South Bend and the University of Notre...