MetroLab Network is a national network of 40 partnerships between cities and universities that are focused on the research, development, and deployment of new technologies and approaches to urban challenges. Below, you can find a list of our current members and the projects they are working on.


If you are interested in becoming a MetroLab Network member, please click here to learn more about applying to the network.

<b>Arlington County, VA</b><br>Virginia Tech-National Capital Region

Arlington County, VA
Virginia Tech-National Capital Region

<b>Atlanta, GA</b><br>Georgia Institute of Technology<br>Georgia State University

Atlanta, GA
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia State University

<b>Austin, TX</b><br>University of Texas at Austin

Austin, TX
University of Texas at Austin

<b>Baltimore, MD</b><br>Johns Hopkins University<br>University of Baltimore

Baltimore, MD
Johns Hopkins University
University of Baltimore

<b>Boston, MA</b><br>Boston Area Research Initiative

Boston, MA
Boston Area Research Initiative

<b>Burlington, VT</b><br>University of Vermont

Burlington, VT
University of Vermont

<b>Charlotte, NC</b><br>University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Charlotte, NC
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

<b>Boulder, CO/Denver, CO</b><br>University of Colorado-Boulder

Boulder, CO/Denver, CO
University of Colorado-Boulder

<b>Chicago, IL</b><br>The University of Chicago

Chicago, IL
The University of Chicago

<b>Columbus, OH</b><br>Ohio State University

Columbus, OH
Ohio State University

<b>Cuyahoga County, OH</b><br>Case Western Reserve University</b><br>Cleveland State University

Cuyahoga County, OH
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland State University

<b>Dallas, TX</b><br>Texas Research Alliance

Dallas, TX
Texas Research Alliance

<b>Detroit, MI</b><br>Wayne State University

Detroit, MI
Wayne State University

<b>Houston, TX</b><br>Rice University

Houston, TX
Rice University

<b>Jacksonville, FL</b><br>University of Florida<br>University of North Florida

Jacksonville, FL
University of Florida
University of North Florida

<b>Madison, WI</b><br>University of Wisconsin-Madison

Madison, WI
University of Wisconsin-Madison

<b>Kansas City, KS/Kansas City, MO</b><br>University of Missouri-Kansas City<br>University of Kansas

Kansas City, KS/Kansas City, MO
University of Missouri-Kansas City
University of Kansas

<b>Memphis, TN</b><br>University of Memphis

Memphis, TN
University of Memphis

<b>Greater Miami and the Beaches</b><br>

Greater Miami and the Beaches

<b>Los Angeles, CA</b><br>California State University, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA
California State University, Los Angeles

<b>Minneapolis, MN/St. Paul, MN</b><br>University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN/St. Paul, MN
University of Minnesota

<b>Montgomery County, MD</b><br>University of Maryland<br>Universities at Shady Grove

Montgomery County, MD
University of Maryland
Universities at Shady Grove

<b>Newark, NJ</b><br>New Jersey Institute of Technology

Newark, NJ
New Jersey Institute of Technology

<b>New York, NY</b><br>New York University<br>Columbia University

New York, NY
New York University
Columbia University

<b>Orlando, FL</b><br>University of Central Florida

Orlando, FL
University of Central Florida

<b>Philadelphia, PA</b><br>Drexel University<br>University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA
Drexel University
University of Pennsylvania

<b>Portland, OR</b><br>Portland State University

Portland, OR
Portland State University

<b>Pittsburgh, PA</b><br>Carnegie Mellon University<br>University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA
Carnegie Mellon University
University of Pittsburgh

<b>Providence, RI</b><br>Brown University, College Unbound,<br>Rhode Island School of Design

Providence, RI
Brown University, College Unbound,
Rhode Island School of Design

<b>Raleigh, NC</b><br>North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC
North Carolina State University

<b>San Diego, CA</b><br>University of California San Diego

San Diego, CA
University of California San Diego

<b>San Francisco</b><br>University of California, Berkeley

San Francisco
University of California, Berkeley

<b>San Jose, CA</b><br>San Jose State University

San Jose, CA
San Jose State University

<b>Santa Fe, NM</b><br>Santa Fe Institute

Santa Fe, NM
Santa Fe Institute

<b>Schenectady, NY</b><br>University at Albany, SUNY

Schenectady, NY
University at Albany, SUNY

<b>Seattle, WA</b><br>University of Washington

Seattle, WA
University of Washington

<b>South Bend, IN</b><br>University of Notre Dame

South Bend, IN
University of Notre Dame

<b>Washington, DC</b><br>Georgetown University, Howard University,<br>George Washington University

Washington, DC
Georgetown University, Howard University,
George Washington University