To build upon the individual research, development & deployment projects underway across the network, MetroLab is developing focused programs within the network where practitioners engaged in specific domains can coordinate their activities. These programs will be developed alongside experts from MetroLab member cities and universities as well as researchers and practitioners from civic-minded technology companies, policy experts, and non-profit organizations. Currently MetroLab Network is developing two programs, the Roundtable Series on Urban Instrumentation and the Data Science and Human Services Lab. The Roundtable Series and the Human Services Lab represent the evolution of the MetroLab Network Labs concept, and the Roundtable Series will incorporate the work done on the Water and Green Infrastructure Lab.

Roundtable Series on Urban Instrumentation


In fall 2017, MetroLab will launch the Roundtable Series on Urban Instrumentation an effort that will promote purposeful, responsible, and open technology deployment. The initiative will bring together local government officials, academics, industry, and nonprofit representatives to discuss and publish interactive toolkits and resources on the opportunities and considerations associated with the deployment of various sensor technologies and other urban instruments. MetroLab will be hosting a planning workshop in May 2017 in Washington, DC and expects to hold the first Roundtable event in September 2017. Stay tuned through our newsletter for more information. 


This lab focuses on the intersection of data science and human services.  It will bring together academics, city and county practitioners, and non-profits to consider technology and analytics solutions to most effectively deploy human services. This lab kicked off with a workshop co-hosted by the City of Seattle and the University of Washington. Read more >>